Lift & Lock with Educational Gift Box


The Worlds 1st Educational Brow Cosmetics! 

We are the only specialised brow cosmetics in the world that features education to ensure that our customers feel confidant knowing exactly how to use the product so they can receive the best results.

We have revolutionised how our global customers experiences our products! 

We introduce to you our No1 BEST SELLER Lift & Lock with a Educational Gift Box. 

- Perfect Christmas Gift

In the short tutorial you will learn: 

  1. How to apply the lift & lock 
  2. How much to apply through your brows 
  3. How much to apply on different hair types 
  4. How easy it is to cleanse off your brows
  5. How to best store your lift & lock
  6. How to best style your brows to achieve the laminated look.

Your Brow Lamination dreams waiting for you inside this jar.

Our natural and organic formula is designed specifically for brows. Contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, ginger extract which helps grow and nourish the eyebrows.

Whether you have sparse brows or thick brows,this eyebrow wax tames your eyebrows in your desired shape. Comes with 20g of product. 

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